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Brooke Tobia
Director of Education

Brooke Tobia is an educator for over 15 years who is motivated to help our youth to find meaning in their education.  Her practice of working within all levels is supported through the relevant methods of project based learning, student digital portfolios, student led conferences and student-ran businesses.  

Tyson H 2.webp

Tyson Henrie
Director of Optimal Performance

Tyson Henrie is a professional coach who owns and operates the Arrowhead Ski Team and the Outlaw Bike Team working with over 350 athletes per year. He is driven to provide a holistic approach for athletes striving to reach their highest potential in all aspects of life.

Mike Tobia
Director of Mentorship

Mike Tobia, once a professional snowboarder, is now a prominent figure in the consumer goods industry, specializing in action sports. He currently advises leading brands in this sector while also being recognized as a serial entrepreneur, accredited investor, and holder of multiple U.S. patents.

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