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Who is Outlaw EDU for?

  • Athletes

  • Out of the box thinkers

  • Students who struggle finding meaning in the traditional educational ways

  • Learning with action and meaning

  • Life

  • Boys & Girls! 

  • Ages 12+ (for the time being)




Outlaw EDU is a full-time education program and will be challenging. Students enrolled will be expected to collaborate, manage their time wisely, respect each other and come with a growth mindset.  Parents and guardians are expected to participate in exhibitions and provide continual feedback as necessary.


We are currently enrolling only 10 students into our program with returning students having first priority.  Students entering Outlaw EDU must have a sturdy foundation in the elementary core concepts, and want/need an alternative way to learning and willing to work hard.  Students will be asked to participate in an onboarding interview to ensure Outlaw EDU is the right fit.  Enrollment window is open April 1 - July 1, 2024.


 $9,000 + cost of materials/memberships*  for the EDU year (Mid October - Mid April)                             

 *potentially reimbursable from the state - Outlaw EDU is an accepted vendor for the Utah Fits ALL Scholarship

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