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We create our curriculum around our pillars of the mind, body and soul.  We believe that our student's education should support the whole person and help them grow into thriving contributors in today's world, in hopes to lead a happy and successful life. 


The makeup of The Outlaw Way includes:

  • Workout

  • Mental exercise

  • Collaborative project work

  • Learn through Play

  • Community Connections

Education Done Different.

Project Based/Experiential Based Learning

Academic proficiency and literacy is gained through Project- Based/ Experiential-Based learning.  Academics are not taught in silos, rather integrated in relevant and meaningful ways for each student. 

Below is an example of a past student project showcasing how we achieved academic literacy :



Understanding how to read scientific journals / The science of sleep, nutrition and physical fitness / The science behind breath work / Scientific Method

Social Studies

Historical Thinking Skills / Analyzing different historical perspectives and interpretations / Analyzing the role of individuals and groups in historical change


Data collection / Percentages / Ratios / Fractions /​ Interpreting graphs

Extra Curricular

Use of media and technology Photography / Video Editing Content Creation / Marketing

Brand Development / Time Management 


Writing (grammar, thesis and evidence, research, brainstorming to product, etc)

Speaking and Listening skills Language/Reading

Physical Fitness

Components of physical fitness / Exercise techniques / Anatomy & Physiology / Nutrition / Goal setting / Injury prevention / Lifelong fitness habits

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