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Our Vision

Outlaw EDU’s vision is to foster and discover the best version of self, both as an individual and a contributor to society. 


Our Mission

We strive to foster a collaborative community where students can develop their athletic, creative, and cognitive potential while also learning important life skills and values. Our goal is to inspire students to reach their fullest potential and become well-rounded individuals, ready to succeed anywhere.


Education Done Different

Critical Thinking - Physical Strengthening - Love for Learning - Mental Strengthening - Community Collaboration - Relevant Life Skills - Continual Reflection - Evidence Kaizen - Doing Hard Things -

Warrior Summits - Self Actualization - Dynamic Road Map for Individuals


We will blend ‘old school’ values of grit, challenge, and perseverance, with modern, research-backed methods of training and educating kids. During this process, your student will be challenged in some ways they may not be used to or are not currently standard methods in ‘normal’ school. Some situations may be out of their comfort zone, however, we will communicate prior to and debrief after as best as we can. At no point will students ever be danger! The only danger will be in destroying their ego and expanding their adaptability in all situations. 

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